[📜] The Ultimate Guide to Map Options! [WIP]

Credit to @Cameron_Sharer for the idea.Thank you, my genius overlord!

Map Options:


Category description

  • Primary features of your map.


Background terrain

  • Description (What does it do?

Set the default terrain, or the background, of your map.

  • Screenshot (What does it look like?)

Screenshot 2023-09-18 17.43.19

  • Provided choices (What options does it give me to use?)

Every terrain tile imaginable to use for the floor of your map.

  • Example (How can I use it?)

If I want the floor of my map to be Lab Floor (Red) but don’t want to change every single terrain block and use up multiple layers, I instead use the Background Terrain option to set every 0th layer tile to Lab Floor (Red)

Game Clock

  • Description (What does it do?)

You know that clock in the corner in modes like One Way Out?
That is what this setting controls. It allows you to count up or down from any number of minutes you choose, or even disable the clock. Keep in mind, however, that the game ends once the clock runs out (when counting down.)

  • Screenshot (What does it look like?)


  • Provided choices (What options does it give me to use?)
    • Off
      • Default, no clock is displayed in the corner of your screen while playing.
    • Count Down
      • Count down from a given number of minutes. The game ends automatically after the clock reaches zero. The clock is displayed, counting down, in the corner of your screen while playing.
    • Count Up
      • A clock is displayed counting up from zero in the corner of your screen.

Example (How can I use it?)

If I want to end the game after 10 minutes while displaying the time remaining, (without using an end-game device, overlay, repeater, lifecycle, etc.) I just use the Game Clock option, select Count Down, and input the number of minutes (10.)

Allow Solo Play

  • Description (What does it do?)

This setting toggles whether or not the game host can start the game on their own.

  • Screenshot (What does it look like?)


  • Provided choices (What options does it give me to use?)
    • Yes
      • Allows the host to start the game with one person (themselves) or more.
    • No
      • Mandates that the host has more players before starting the game.

-Example (How can I use it?)

If I have a dungeon crawler, and I want it to be playable with one person, I simply set the setting to yes. If I wanted there to be 2+ people (like tag) in order play, I would set it to no.

Health & Shield
User Interface (UI)
All options


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