The (Ultimate) Guide To Making Amazing Systems Ft. Properties (And Explanation of What they are)

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I love this guide! (first reply!)

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Nice guide!

Hopefully ClicClac doesnt sue you!

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Sorry for the topic change, I accidentally picked a solution and I didn’t want the topic to close.

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I really like how You are expanding on ClicClac’s series but I would suggest making it longer since properties are a lot more complicated than what you just said…

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I really like how you names the species and biology. Nice guide!

The one problem I have with the Nature Of series was that it wasn’t supposed to be a series.


If you look closely, there are other nature-of WhoAmI and ClicClac started it, then GImSolver revived it and there was havoc afterwards. We agreed to no longer making these.

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I can confirm. Gimsolver said the same on discord just now.

we decided to discontinue the series because it was getting too extensive and cluttered.



I don’t do discord…

it was actually posted on the forums, not discord. but it was like in february, so I wouldn’t expect you to know. thanks for cooperating though! many people don’t.
(could you remove the tag?)

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Thanks for the info, I made it a guide and expanded it.

couldn’t you just add it to TUGTED?

I would, but there is already one on properties :sob:

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