[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Among Us

I hopefully won’t…

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Finally someone agrees with me but they said to me that it is put down on but hey we agree

Meaning the rule doesn’t exist… right?

It never officially did.


bump uh what this line above my replies and it in my replies?

Also @Haiasi this guide is above and beyond
I get it you didn’t do the entire thing but still this is so underrated
What I liked about it:
It literally is the ultimate guide to among us, it has everything.
I give this 9/10

@Haiasi is still active
and the 3-5 day bumping rule technically isn’'t a rule.

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Funny this is in the same topic

Also, can you guys stop pinging him


Gah. I never know what to believe on these forums. Some people will demolish you if you bump within 5 days and others are chill with it. I should just exclude myself from forum drama.
Anyway, is that true? Is Haiasi still active?

He won’t post for like another 3 months

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I’ma be honest here. I seen reasons and I only stating one because I not gonna go that off topic or off topic I just see people bumping over and over after a replies in under 1 day that make it want to be a rule or give it a reason for it to be a rule.

when is the next guide to among us there are new maps coming?

its isn’t but its there to prevent spamming and you can get flagged for doing it, so it is a enfourced non-rule.

the same thing I said

my question still stand about the new map guide.

Bump because no one remembers about the good old guides.


why am I thinking of doing a huge project on polus?

Do one about mira HQ

I remember when Among Us was actually popular in 2020. Now, it’s just turned into dust.

it been already done.

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How many more Regulars are gonna disappear…
This is Haiasi’s last post…

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It’s a single person taking a break over the forums. Stop making such a big deal out of it.