[📜] The Ultimate Guide To Every Device Part 3! [WIP]

:thinking: only my 2nd time

heh u think that worse I seen this… for 13 years

send help

back on topic

I checked devices and the ball and ball capure zone weren’t there! (It was a platformer, though.)

Are we gonna add the new image device?

It should probably be added…

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This is a community guide… one of you two could do it…

Ill add it.


Let’s update this!


Can I move the entire tugted series to devices because it’s about devices?

First time I’ve edited a TUGTED. If I something wrong let me know (:

can someone add the camera point?
I need to know how to use it.

I’m gonna be straight. Its easy. Just look at the settings…

it’s actually confusing.
idk why

Alright I added the damager device. Not done yet. Please don’t edit mine.