The trails for gims?!

I have noticed that when you go a little ways away from another player, on your screen your trail is still on you, but on their screen the trail is just floating in place…
is this intentional? (bad question lol)

That is just lag I think, it’s happened to me sometimes.

This could technically be considered off-topic since it isn’t really about GKC bugs, right?

That is an unfixable glitch that is caused due to lag. That has happened since the launch of creative mode.

It happens in other game modes to such as snowy survival (don’t ask why I had my trail on then) and tag.

It happens on every game mode, it is a known bug and it has yet to be patched, it is not harmful and it will not ruin your experience, you should be ok.

yes that happend once

Sometimes, I just see random trails without gims.

Yeah there’s a glitch where if they’ve been knocked out, their trail just fizzes there… and then the lag…

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Maybe try removing your trail when editing your map.

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The bug has been there for 1 month or so… I was playing a game night a month ago and I saw the glitch. It is very common.

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