The Space Station: One Way Out Game

Ok so this is a work in progress but as I make the game I will say what I did to make it but I will say how to make it all you need to do is make it this guide is pretty easy but there are some difficult parts so if you need help I will add more explanation, so to start let’s make a weapons shop: first build a booth any way you want, then make a merchant (if you use a sentry set it to team 1 so it will not attack) then make a button that says talk to merchant pr fhgdhf,shf,sjadfh if you want! So the button will have a wire going to a banner device, have it with the header text being the weapon and have to buttons on the banner: Buy WEAPON NAME and Next-> the next button will lead to another banner with the same thing make has many of these has you want but the last one will have a back button instead. just make checkers linked to all of the buy buttons and have them set to more than and have and have the item amount be 1 less then your normal price and if the check passes make to item granters one with -price of item and one being the item. Ill add more later but that should get you started.


Nice! I don’t think this should be in game-concepts, though. It’s a tag that we don’t use anymore.

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Great guide but remember, [ 📢 PSA!] Pictures are powerful! happy Gimkitting!