The Situation Regarding @GimAI

(NOTE FOR MODS: This post is so then people know not to use @GimAI)
Hi everyone,
You might have noticed that @GimAI has been offline for a while, a reasoning to this is because it might be permenent.
So basiclly, people have been using its /gimai_train command to make it corrupt and rude to people who use the command /gimai_rate. Example:

After a while people were abusing the flagging feature to get its post " [[:green_square:] How to Use GimAI and GimAI Commands - BOT ONLINE]" suspended, and later unlisted by mods.
Then after countless bad replys against certain people, @GimAI was banned from the platform.
His final message is on his profile.
I hope that his ban can get lifted and that we can use him again.


kinda sucks that gimai is gone now. i feel bad mostly for the creator

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Jeff has said that we will see if it is more useful once it gets off its suspension.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idk even who trained it to be like that :sob:

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I don’t think the creator wants to be on this forum anymore.

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If mods remove this post :rage:

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why did you like that :top:!?


Yes, but this does mean it will be unbanned, and during that time the creator can fine tune it. I think a problem is that it was posting essays. This could be fixed by having it make new guides and post links to those instead for new questions.


his profile is still here?

Also, do you know any reason why Cameron was suspended because it doesn’t really say what they did with GimAI?

Could be something to do with the whole “daddy” thing & roleplaying.
Maybe even the rude comments.

Most likely off topic posting.
Speaking of that, I’m going to stop posting here now cuz I don’t wanna get punished for that again :frowning:

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If I get banned from the forms.

wait you got punished before?

for off topic posting

if it’s off topic for then why did it say gimai
and I don’t think they suspend you I think an admin just closes the post
A post I made on how to get a badge went onto a million other topics including blookit, but no one posting there got suspended.

what was the punishment?


Even if you do you can make a new account and for your name (not username) write like formerly Alan_Shen or make you username alan_shen.

whats that?