The Simplest Way to make dodgeball!

So, you’ve decided that you want to make a dodgeball game, but you don’t know where to start? Well, this guide has some answers for you.

Here are the steps:

1. Make the field

This is a very simple field, just some place to play.

First, lay down some terrain as walls to make a border

Then make the floor for people to run around on (make sure to change your terrain type back to floor!, and increase your brush size so you can do it fast!)

2. Make the camera view

You don’t want people to see outside of the game area, so get a camera device and use the change size button to make it cover the field.

3. Configure the game settings and the score

We need to configure a few settings to make it the team and score mechanics work before continuing.
First open map options and select teams. Select specific team amount and choose 2.

Enable Ally and Enemy indicators to make players know who’s on who’s team.
Go to the Health & Sheild tab and change Max Health to 1, Max shield to 1 and show health & shield to no.

4. Make the laser

Add a laser that stretches the whole length of the field. You can leave the default settings. This prevents players from going on the wrong side.

5. Make the spawn pads

Make 5 spawn pads on each side, one side for team 1, and the other for team 2.

6. Make the weapons

Make a starting inventory with a weapon:
Quantum Portal - slow balls
Zapper - medium speed
Blaster - fast, hard

And you’re done! Have fun!


This was already made How to make dodgeball. Good guide, though.

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Nice guide! Be sure to credit guides that came before!


Nice guide!

How do I credit guides before me? I’m actually pretty new to the forums.

Just write “Credits to these guides” and put a link to the guides below that.