The Sentry, Our Friend, Friendly No Longer

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How’d you do that? Please tell me how.

I made it so when I knocked out a sentry, I would teleport to this teleporter. After that, the bugged walking started to happen.

EDIT: I used screencastify

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No how did you make that video. I want to know.

Wait that might be the new jumping mechanic. @Jeffo did say that they introduced a huge update to gimkit for their latest game.

Hey y’all!

Sorry, but this was a bug with Gimkit Creative before. Sentries were never intended to interact with other devices/parts of Gimkit.

Sorry and I hope this doesn’t break your maps!


Oof, that’s a shame. That bug did allow some “impossible” things to be possible like having sentries teleport around while still keeping their health. Perhaps you could add that as an in game feature in the future.


Why did you remove it though… it wasn’t hurting the game, if anything it allowed players to make some amazing things like tower defense games, and cool cosmetic details…



It wasn’t a bug, it was a feature.
Also there is a petition to bring it back in the gimkit discord:


Dude. If the maker of GKC said it wasn’t a feature, then it wasn’t a feature. Just leave it. He might add in a new type of sentry that can do what it previously could!


I’d like to know how the update changed the sentry. Like in the files. Maybe there’s another workaround.

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RIP Friendly Sentries

It’s a reference to the saying “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature,” which is pretty well explained by this meme.

I probably didn’t make the joke clear enough.


Does that mean that when the sentry dies you can’t end the game? Or does that mean that things meant for players cannot work for sentries any longer.


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Unfortunately, the sentry can no longer be tamed by Zones, Props or any kind of device due to it’s agressive nature.
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R.I.P Friendly Sentry

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  • Sentry interactions will, sadly, stay patched. However, the things that were possible with sentry interactions will be implemented in the future.
  • Josh has had ideas about making sentries run (not just teleport)

Unrelated to sentries

  • Platformer mode WILL HAVE DOUBLE JUMP!
  • The new game won’t have any lore.
  • The property limit will be staying at 128 for now.

So, no classic Mario, but maybe Smash Bros.?

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Can sticking a sentry in some barriers still stop it from firing?


There is a video in the gimkit discord of some platformer gameplay, but you need to be in the discord to see it

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