The Ritheked Guide on Tic Tac Toe

You may have seen a previous guide on tic-tac-toe, or more specifically, clic clac toe:

My guide uses the same exact space chooser (you can’t really deviate from that) but uses an entirely different win checker.

So first, make the board. Make a 3x3 however you want and put a button there. Wire the button to a wire repeater and then back to the button. The second wire should deactivate the button. Make all the buttons activate on “G New Game”. Also, all the buttons should broadcast on “Moved”.

The Win Checker

Now for a bit more conceptual stuff. Now make 6 counters, all with targets of 3. The scopes should also be player. They should all also reset on “G New Game”. There should be one for each x coordinate (1-3) and one for each y-coordinate (1-3). Make the buttons increment the counter they have. So the middle button would increment x coordinate 2 and y coordinate 2. Make all the counters broadcast on “Win!” when they reach the target.

We have just created a system that has detected if a player has won with either a horizontal or a vertical 3 in a row. To get the diagonals, we have to get a bit more crafty.

Make another player-scoped counter. This should reset on “G New Game”, have a target of 3, have a scope of player, and broadcast on “Win!” when the target is reached. All the buttons in one of the diagonals should increment this one. Make another counter that has the same settings as the last one. This one should be incremented by the buttons on the other diagonal, including the middle button as well!

This part is for later, but do it now because of AUO. Make a relay that receives on “Win!” and broadcasts on “Deactivate Tie” to everyone.

Now we have just created a diagonal win-checker! Time for the tie checker!

Do this last, due to AUO! Make a global scoped counter that has a target of 9. This should broadcast on “Tie” when it reaches its target. Make it reset when receiving on “G New Game”.

Resetting the Game

Make a global scoped popup. It should open on “Open Win Screen”. The scope should be player. Make a block that receives on “Win!”. This should set the title to [Triggering Player’s Name] + " has won this round!" and then broadcast on “Open Win Screen”.

Make a trigger that receives on “Tie”. It should activate on “G New Game” and deactivate on “Deactivate Tie”. Make the trigger broadcast on “Open Tie”. Make a global scoped popup that receives on “Open Tie”. It should say “You Tied!” or something like that.

Now we notified the players about who won. We will now reset the board. Make a trigger that receives on “Deactivate Tie”. This has nothing to do with deactivating ties though. It just was the correct scope and case that I didn’t want to make another channel just for this. Anyways, the trigger should broadcast on “New Game”. Make another trigger that receives on “Tie”. This should broadcast on “New Game”. Now, have a lifecycle that listens for game start. It should broadcast on “New Game”. Make a relay broadcast to everyone on “G New Game” when receiving on “New Game”.

For the Actual Playing

Make the tic tac toe board be enclosed by 4 walls. It should have a teleporter in it that teleports the player there when receiving on “Start Turn”. Make a relay receive on “Move” and broadcast on “Start Turn” for all other players. Place spawn pads outside the tic tac toe board. Make a relay receive on “New Game”. It should broadcast on “Start Turn” to a random player.

Make a global text DEVICE for each square. Wire each button to its text. Make a when receiving on wire pulse block. In it, it should change the text to [Triggering Player’s Name] (or team number). Make another block that receives on “G New Game”. This should set the text to a space or to a question mark.


The title isn’t big because this is really easy. Make a player-scoped counter that receives on “Win!”. Make a player-scoped number property named “Wins”. The counter should update “Wins”. In the map options, make the score track the property “Wins”

Note: I might have gotten a bit confused with the exclamation mark in the channel “Win!”. If there is a channel without the exclamation mark, tell me and I’ll fix that. All those channels should have an exclamation mark.

As usual, let me know if there are any bugs!

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My guy, where are the pictures??? Good guide though.


Sorry. I was really rushing to get this out. It was like my voting 2.0 guide, but probably no bugs since its more simple.


Oh, nice idea with checkers! Great job!

(are you ever going to add screenshots?)


Dude, please add pictures!

They help!

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I don’t use checkers though.

I’ll add those later.

I’m kinda lost in the guide without pictures, no offense.



@getrithekd, can you improve the guide using the following guide:

Mainly focusing on adding pictures.

I mean your “win checker.”

Oh. Ok.

this is old and how i was going to make a tic-tac-toe guide

other than that

b u m p

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Still waiting. lol.

Ritheked Tic Tac Toe, anyone? (BUMP!)

write an o in your spot and a X in your spot. (aw, there’s no more games :frowning: oh well, I’ll just play by myself…) yippee… I won… I guess…
Yahtzee! or… um… wait what are we playing again?
Monopoly? Thumb war? capture the flag? idk. I think the game of life tho we all playing rn, it’s super trendy