The New Repeater: Ball and Goal | Beats Trigger Loop

Bump because i have an idea.

I went back and was thinking about this and how our answers weren’t the same. This and the amount of lag this can cause made me wonder, what if the speed of recursion is dependent on your setup. This would mean that we would have a way to detect a stat similar to fps and be able to modify their experience from that.

This would require multiplayer testing, over different types of networks and devices


Hee hee yes.

This reminds me of something. The first hour ball was added to GKC, I did try the same thing mentioned in this post. I recorded the video of it, and uh… added DJ music in the background.

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This is an overlooked discovery. People need to see this.

Yeah, but the memory usage makes me die inside.
I can stick with stuff running a little slower in my games.

Also @Godspawnking congrats on regular!

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Then we find a way to make it work. Don’t just leave it on the shelf collecting dust! You know what I mean.

Thanks! I’m glad I made it this far!

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intresting? yes
in reality, we probably wouldn’t ussse this.
(unless we want a VERY accurate live player counter)
imean, like:

  1. We have trigger loops
  2. it little high on memory
  3. we already know that repeaters are only repeating 0.5 sec, and if balls go fast enough, it causes it to go through walls, and that means it is faster then the “hit wall → Bounce” response time, wich is EXTREMELY FAST

also im kinda sad cause i had a device topic on balls, and how they are so fast they can go through walls, and i was SO colse to finding this.
oh well. at least we found it! good job!

What is your point here? (I’ve used this same phrase several times, I know)

anyways, so i was just pointing out some points i wish the community to see.

What is the point?

Wow. Ok. That’s cool.

Based on your tone Im assuming that it wasn’t at all variable based on the device or web browser.


What i meant is that in your testing you found that the speed at which it recursed didn’t vary on different browsers or devices. And therefore wouldn’t be a good measure of something similar to fps

Yeah, it was just a minor discovery.

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Great Idea seems like a good idea

If you perfect the balls just right they wont go through the walls

I believe though that if made correctly you could make a very fast game

and the thing is 2 sentries has not really hurt anything so wouldnt 2 balls be fine too?