The New Repeater: Ball and Goal | Beats Trigger Loop

(this is a Research in progress)

I have been testing them out and it seems that you can put in it a small box and make it move at rapid speeds and connecting them to a counter makes them go to high numbers quickly

I ran a test with a repeater and ball and the ball seemed to get a higher number faster than the repeater
due to its high velocity and low mass it held a fast speed and would occasionally glitch out of its box but in definition it ran way faster than a repeater
This Discovery could make a ball that could possibly run more than 1 system
Though it will waste you 1200 memory You will get speeds faster than a repeater
The smaller the ball the faster it seems as long as you do not abuse your memory this may be a great tool

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The only problem would be the Glitching out part
but another Pro would be more than 1 ball makes it even faster

Here is an image of its speeds at a basic amount in this image I was lucky enough for the ball to stay in 1 place just jittering

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I have made many physic cradles with this ball and find this discovery Fascinating

there is a way to keep the ball steady it just takes some work to do.

New discovery
A trigger loop and the ball go around the same speed So most likely If you do 2 balls it beats the trigger it may cost more but it depends on how desperate you are to have an absolutely fast repeater

Conclusion/Final Words:
The Conclusion of this all is that 2 balls going can beat anything even the patented trigger loop

WIP Update: As it seems if I shrink box a bit it holds its position a bit more
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This should go in devices

Is I faster than a trigger loop?

Lake the ideas off.

Well it is VERY fast

Look at that Your saying anything that loops can do that?

the 200 is the repeater

and the 500 is the ball

I would say there is no way a trigger could beat that

Just try. Is there no reason to try? Use a delay of .015 if you decide to validate your claim.


We shall see what we get


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it seems that they go at the same speed! Fascinating

But can it beat 2 balls?

If this is in devices how can This stay public to all instead of supposedly shining through all the junk in devices?

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Because of the research tag.

No it, in my testing it only has a speed of .16667 for one ball. With two it is .0857 but its also costs an insane amount of memory.

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Well whatever you did it isnt what I got it was faster

I had set Velocity to its max and mass low and made its speed fast i did all settings that would lighten the ball Extremely

I did that too. I was trying to send a gif but it is too big and Ive compressed it like 100 times. Ill split it into two and send it soon.

My boxes were small it was

like this

|0 | think of the 0 as the ball it was 2 blocks wide

Secondly I tested a trigger loop with 1 ball and they were timed the same perfectly
Adding on to the fact That I shrinked the ball a bit

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Devices is mainly for theory that are being researched. So the devices category implies the work in progress of it. Also, we’re not using wip.

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yeah, no one would click on the wip tag other than to remind someone to finish, so just put it in the title. Also, doesn’t research mean wip in some way?

Okay thanks for changing it
but something weird is why arent isnt there a heart button

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