The new gim is New1!

It’s a gim that’s new1


It’s just a typo by the Gimkit team. They’ll probably fix it.

Uhh what if it means new one? Referencing a new gim?

Uh… What s happening to the Gimkit shop

A simple typo that will be fixed soon.


Most likely not.

Anyway, It’s just probably a typo the Gimkit Developers made.

It’s a typo, because I have done something like “Hi!!!1” because i stopped holding shift and instead of a “!” it’s a “1.” But, it IS kinda funny, tho.

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caught the devs lackin’ :laughing:


I made a topic on this too, it’s so funny lol

for real!

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Wow… just wow, gimkit. LOL, though, that is pretty funny…

lol the gimkit staff is very lazy. first the “sand pile” problem and then freya and now this :rofl:

wdym when did i say that?

honestly, even if it is a bug, its funny. i like it, i kind of don’t want them to fix it.

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because i don’t like that name

Can yall stop chatting here? The bug is already fixed. There’s nothing to talk about now.

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yeah ok ill chang the password back and put the new one in k @greenbean7 ?

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I specifically said to both of you,

And you both are starting to continue. Stop.

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sorry. i wish there was private chatting

ok password is the same as before and that is the last thing I’m gonna say