The most overlooked functions

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Hold shift

If you click the rotate button, you will see this:
Screenshot 2024-04-04 4.57.30 PM
This allows you to turn props at an exact 90° angle!
This also lets you turn props in the 45° angle too.
Guess what? It can also turn props at a 180°, 270°, and 360° angle!

Uses for Hold shift

If you want to make a sign, like this, to be rotated;
Screenshot 2024-04-04 5.03.18 PM
and you want to make it a perfect 90° angle… This is what it looks like without Hold shift:
Screenshot 2024-04-04 5.05.01 PM
This is what it looks like with Hold shift:
Screenshot 2024-04-04 5.05.29 PM
It looks SO much better with Hold shift.

Change property value on game start

The most overlooked setting

One space text blocks.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 7.16.20 PM
How to make it:
Screenshot 2024-04-10 7.16.59 PM
Click the gear and remove one of them.

Uses for One space text blocks.

Making a channel brodcast a number/varible/property.
That’s all, but it’s important.

Why these are classifed as overlooked

Before you say “ThiS hAs BeEn mAde beForE”, look at this. Most of the other guides say they are overlooked, but these settings are in this guide are really helpful. I have never seen anyone say “Hold shift” before, so i’m calling it overlooked. Plus, I will add more. The main reason is because I have never seen anyone use these, besides Here_to_help in the guide I linked.

I will add more when I discover more.

You can add them yourself if you want. Check post 12 for the format.


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Editing rules
  1. It must be a very helpful funtion
  2. 80-98.7% of people shouldn’t know it for you to add it on.
  3. It should follow the format.
  4. Don’t greif the guide
  5. If I remove something, DON’T add it back.

Oh noice that’d be much faster if I read this right.

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another overlooked function: pressing h and v while moving props to snap them to the x and y axis respectively, so you don’t have props on different axes all the time


You can add that to the wiki if you want.

Neat how would I do that and oh and maybe the respawn device may be one of them Idk I dunno

That’s why i’m not adding it: ^^^

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Hold shift really is overlooked! Great guide!

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Is this a wiki we can edit or is it for editing time? (I have a few sayings if needed, but I
m gonna go)


Also yes.

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Another one i am too lazy to add rn is using the number keys to change brush size when adding terrain.

(Go to the terrain section)

Click space while placing terrain to hide the UI? Press Shift to swap from floor to wall?

You can add that. The format is:

{Explain it in lots of details.}

Uses for {Function name}

Uses for it.

You know, you coulda added it to this guide.
But thanks for the shift option, I didn’t know that existed!

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I searched before… never saw that. Well, this one is more strict. It must be very helpful and 95% unknown.