The Magentian Version of Voting (Difficulty, 🟨)

This is my version of the voting system. Its a bit easier to use than the other systems I’ve seen. Well that’s my opinion not yours.

Items you will need

12-17 buttons (depending on how many players you want)
4 properties
6 triggers
24-34 relays
11-16 item granters
12-17 counters
11-16 text
1 Team switcher
1 Inventory Item Manager
1 Team Switcher
1 Lifecycle
1 notification
1 popup
4 barriers
4 teleporters

Very Important, Must read

Do not press the finalize votes button if everyone skips or the votes are tied. If the votes are tied both tied people get switched to specator. If everyone skips then everyone gets switched to spectator. Also on the second time using the voting system when pressing the finalize votes button it might not work right away. Press it a few more times then and it should work.

Making the emergency button

Place down a button. Make it transmit on “Start Meeting”.Wire a button (on a table) to a relay (audience of everyone) to a teleporter. Button pressed → trigger relay → teleport player to target. Have the teleporter’s target group as “vote room”. Now wire the button to a notification that has these blocks⬇️
Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 12.25.53 AM
Button pressed → Run pulse wire block.
It should look like this currently⬇️
Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 12.27.31 AM

Creating the voting room

Make sure that there is the same amount of teams there are players. Ok so you want to make the voting room big. Make sure it can fit 11-16 counters. Place down
a teleporter. Have it’s group as “vote room”. Now place 4 barriers like this⬇️
Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 12.47.57 AM
Have it in the teleporter’s channel that when player teleported here, transmit on “open”. Have in the barriers activate channel as “open”. Have all the barriers deactivate on “barrier”.

Now the wire teleporter to a wire repeater with a delay of 30s. Then wire the wire repeater to a trigger. (Make sure the trigger can’t be seen in-game) Have it in the trigger’s channel as, when triggered, transmit on “barrier”. Now wire the teleporter to a popup that says “DISCUSS”. It should look like this so far.:arrow_down:

Now place down a button. Have it when button pressed transmit on “activate”. Have the button deactivate on “activate”. Also have the button activate on “open”. Wire the button to a counter. Have the counter target as none. Then place down a relay with all players on specific team. For example team 1. Have the relay be triggered from this channel, “Start Meeting”. Wire the relay to a text. Relay triggered → run pulse wire block. Have the text blocks like this.:arrow_down:
Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 1.02.20 AM
Now wire the vote button to a relay with the team/player that is being voted. Wire that relay to a item granter. Have the item has something not being used. For this tutorial’s purposes we will use bait. It should look like this so far⬇️ (make sure both relays are triggered by “Start Meeting”.
Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 1.06.12 AM
Multiply that for as many players are gonna play the game, but changing the team.

Counting the votes

Property Time!
Place down a player-scoped num property named, “Item” with a default of 0. Place down a global-scoped property name, “Most of Item” with a default of 0. Place down a global-scoped num property named, “People Checked”. Finally place down a global-scoped num property named, “Num Players”.

Now wire a lifecycle to a relay (with an audience of all players) to a counter, incrementing it. Have the counter have no target and update the property "Num Players. This is the live player counter.

Place down a trigger. Copy these blocks onto it.:arrow_down:

Wire a button to a relay (with an audience of all players) to the trigger, triggering it.

Place down a relay. Have it be triggered in the channel section. The channel is “start end selector”. Have the relay transmit, “end selector”. Place down a trigger and have be triggered by “end selector”. Copy these blocks down.:arrow_down:
Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 1.24.35 AM
Now place down a team switcher and have it switch the player to spectator when recieving on the “spectator” channel. Place down an inventory item manager. Have it manage bait (or what ever item you are using) and update the “Item” property. This is what it should look like when done.:arrow_down:

(Dont mind the notifcation, that was a mistake but Im too lazy to fix it)
Now wire the button that counts the votes to a relay (audience of all players) to a teleporter with a target group of cafe. Relay triggered → teleport player to target. Have a teleporter in your cafeteria. Have the group as cafe. (Make sure any teleporters can’t be seen in-game)

Reseting the system

Now wire the teleporter in the cafe (where the people get tped after the meeting) to a trigger. Put in these blocks for the trigger:
Screen Shot 2023-12-10 at 4.11.28 PM
Now wire the trigger to a wire repeater (0.5 delay), repeating the pulse, to an item granter with -999999999 bait. Wire the same trigger to another wire repeater (0.5 delay) to the player counter, relay triggering it. Then wire the same trigger again to the counter reseting it. Here is what it should look like:
Screen Shot 2023-12-10 at 4.15.07 PM
Sorry the teleporter isn’t in shot.

People who helped

Thank you @Grey_Stone, and @EggNoodle who helped make this!

Other voting guides

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Thank you for reading this tutorial and I hope it helps you! If you any questions or comments, comment them down below!
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Great Guide! Really like the voting part!


Just saying, @Magenta_Dragon does it matter if the cremates are all on one team, and the imposter(s) are on the other? Or do they all have to be different teams?


Nice guide! One thing: since there’s a whole lot of users that have to do with dragons, I suggest you make the version name something like “Magentian.”


No all the crewmates have to be on different teams or this won’t work.



Thanks for the suggestion Wingwave!


Yay! Another voting guide! These forums are so creative!


Question. Do we have to do the creating the voting room part or can we skip to the counting the votes?

No that is important. Its just how they vote.


What do you mean by this? Do you want us to put all the players on the same team or put the relays for each of the teams?

Out of curiosity, what’s the memory efficiency on the voting system?

Yay! Another voting guide! These forums are so creative!



No there are as many teams as there are players, every player gets there own team. And yes the relay goes for each of the teams.

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Um I don’t know. Gimkit locked my map so I can’t really see right now.


What do you mean by this? I have six teams, does that mean I have to relay them to all six?

One player gets a whole team.
Getting an example one sec.

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This is a fantastic voting system that would be easier for beginners in block coding! Great job!


Ok so

That would be for one player. The team would be for example team 1. It would only be team 1 for that one. All the relays on that one⬆️ would be team 1.

Now for a different player it would be a different team.

Example if there were two players there would be two teams. All of those set ups get there own team. There would be as many of these⬇️…

…as there are players. Tell me if you have any more questions.


Thanks! (I ran out of likes, imagine I liked your post)


Oh I am SOOOO imagining that lol

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