The introduction of grids

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Imagine one day, you feel creativity running within you. You make a brand new map called, “Box PVP”. You setup the game settings and build your, map when out of nowhere you realize your map looks messed up! Oh no, you didn’t know about grids. So, what is grids Mregg? Well let me introduce you into grids!


Grids are little blocks that you can snap to place any objects to. Its say, you wanna make a wall but you wanna make it nice and neat. Using grids, you can make it nice and pretty!
You might say “Mregg, how do it get grids?” Well let me show you!

How to get grids

So, open up settings and click on editing options and scroll allllllllllll the way down until you see this.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 4.37.20 PM

What you wanna do is click on grid snap and turn it any option you want besides the option off.

ill show you!

if you picked 2 grids, then when you move an prop, it will move 2 cm
if you picked 4 grids, then when you move an prop, it will move 4 cm
and so on and so forth

Go down one option below grid snap and you will see the show grid option. Set the option to Yes and get out of the settings and now, you show see tiny box’s like this.
Screenshot 2024-03-06 4.49.03 PM

Now that you know about grids, go out and make your maps with ease!

There’s different ways you can do grids.

You can do them for the terrain.

Hmmm… Okay. This will be helpful for new players.

I sugar coat my message
we do not need a guide for map options

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yea, but terrain has grids already.

sigh fine. I will message jeff so he can take this down :unamused:

you can just mark a solution
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i actually didn’t know they were called grids lol

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