The Idea Thread for Community Made Guides

The big reason we hate the idea of a gimkit AI here is that it replaces us. We don’t want to be replaced, and so we oppose it.


If you saw the guide you’d know how bad it was, first of all what you’re saying is all hypothetical, which is not a good way to defend an AI. Of course if it could do GKC, then that would be amazing. Unfortunately, it can’t. In fact, it can’t teach you hard stuff about a lot of video games, and although GKC isn’t a video game, it is incredibly unknown compared to other stuff. So it would probably take years for it to actually be able to educate us on GKC. Second of all, the guide it made had nothing to do with GKC at all and that’s not good, so there’s no reason to defend it. I mean sure, if the AI made a guide on how to make brownies, that would be helpful for some people on the forums, but it would have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Well in this case, it does not do it very well. A 5-year-old (not saying 5-year-olds are dumb, but the AI DOES know more than a 5-year-old) could help you more in GKC than an AI.

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no but as in it could give u innovative new ideas that you wouldnt have otherwise thought of
you dont have to use it
and @cr1sis the ai doesnt even know what gkc is
ok i get that that guide was bad
but dont take that as a stereotype for the ai

you know in my homework, im told to use chat gpt to help me
its really good when it comes to certain stuff

Unfortunately, it is not good at the topic we are discussing about. I’m not saying that the AI is dumb, but for this topic, it’s simply inexperienced.

That’s my point.

I highly doubt your homework has to directly do with making things in Gimkit Creative. Again, I do acknowledge that the AI can be useful, but in this case, it is simply not.

Other humans can do that too, and sometimes the ideas that the AI make are basically impossible.

guys why are we arguing

It’s been happening a lot these days

The argument is over whether using ai to help people with gimkit is a good idea. It’s a pretty controversial topic with good points on both sides, so the argument is still ongoing.

I’m just gonna say this and be done with it: a community forum is for people to help other people, not an AI helping people.


i said an ai could be useful
what part of could
or potentially
or perhaps
dint u understnad

I think the usefulness of an ai is already decided- an ai trained on gimkit would certainly be very useful. The big thing it comes down to is that the ai would replace the forums, and we don’t want to be replaced.

Here’s my take: (not that you guys care lol)

AI trained on GKC would be incredibly useful. We could technically (and pretty easily) train a model of ChatGPT to know and be able to help with GKC problems. The issue is basically what @Blackhole927 said- it would make the point of the forum useless. Of course, that would give us helpers more IRL time, but is it worth it? It’s up to us to decide.


GKC is a video game lol



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Ah yes, the almagalamation of all ideas.


Why are you bumping so much topics?

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Not really… (We bump the same amount… I think)