The Idea Thread for Community Made Guides

like farming is crazy
please put some thought into it…
posts with more likes are noticed more
and you don’t want posts that you don’t support to get support, do you?


The like button is a button used for support correct;
but at the end of the day it’s just a number

Self-flagging for off-topic.

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Jeffo created these simple rules for us:

That’s all. Let’s stop sending messages.


you wouldnt need a forum
you wouldnt have to wait for an answer
you wouldnt have clutter between your answers
everything would be at your fingertips in the space of 0.5 seconds
nothing against the forums, but of there is a better option (maybe one day) then why not use it

Can we just add them? Like now? Is that how this works?

this is just sickening…
you make me lose faith in humanity
i can’t believe you’d rather talk to an ai than a human
are you not very social?


I agree with literally everything you just said!

no but if you have a tool then use it
its like using a spoon to dig a hole when there is a shovel 3 feet away from you
i would rather talk to a human, i didnt say i want to talk to an ai i said they r useful
i am very social thanks im a high school girl

but in this case i really think a human would give better answers
especially since this is all hypothetical anyways

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an example
you want to ask someone a few roads away a simple question
you could text him
or walk to his house to ask him
texting him is faster, and more efficient
but walking yo his house means he can explain to u in person, cos he might skip a couple of minor details in a text

its all about perspective
ai is a good and bad thing
to use it to aid you how to do something in GKC is good
i can see why you think every guide being made by ai is bad
but at the end of the day it was created as a tool to help us, and until it gets out of control, is very useful, and you might not acknoweldge it but most people use an ai at least 5 times a day
its kinda like asking sm1 to go without their phone for a couple hours
its possible
but u dont understnd how people coped in the 1800s when they werent around lol

it really all comes down to what generation u r talking to, cos newer gens are more open minded and for good reason

that was very long :sweat_smile:
does that explain my opinion well to u @CringeKarlScott like do u understand what im saying?


I’ve never heard someone speak so wisely without any caps or punctuation or that stuff before. I am dumbfounded (rela)


I am so sorry.
From now, I shall text as I do speak.
Like a British gentlewoman :sparkles:.


but its true
its how you look at it
everything is good or bad
your supposed to just deal with it and take the good parts


I’m sorry dear fellow. Did I just hear a challenge be spoken from thy lips?

i have already quit
and i am british

You are british!!

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I just want to say, people are more funny, and I don’t use the forums mainly for gimkit needs, I use it for social human interaction
EDIT: i do use forums for gimkit needs though. but if you talked to a chatbot, that would just be googling the answers, and you cant help people in chatgpt
Like if you agree (I want to see how many people agree here

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i dont talk to chatbots lmao
and technically its against the rules to chat on this forum
also there is no human interation when messaging on a computer AAHAHAHAH

bro it’s humans
with each other

on a computer not face to face
this is the worst kind of human interaction

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