The Hunger Games Help

Yes. More help for Hunger Games. I know. Well, I’m just going to say you could tell me:

  1. I kinda forget all the stuff that happens at each hour in the real Catching Fire, so if you could tell, me that would be great…
  2. How much stuff should be in each crate? (What rarity of weapon, what type of item, how much of it, etc.)
  3. What type of biome(s) I should put
  4. Which type of sentry would be the best for the Monkey hour


  1. Put a medieval sort of theme? IDK, never read it.

I think the crates should mostly have weak weapons. Also, you could make a “bow” with a slingshot.

Then don’t answer…

Sorry if that was harsh…

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Yeah, I have one with a Common P.M.L and 20 Light Shards

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Also, @WhereIsMyHat I edited the Map Ideas, adding that FNAF is now copyrighted…

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I good biome would probably be a forest.

I’ve only read the first

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I noticed. It’s fine.

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One Gadget, One Consumable, Two Items that give you abilities, One Type Of Ammo Shard

Ammo Shards given per type:

Light Shards: 50

Medium Shards: 25

Snowball/s: 20

Heavy Shards: 5


I’m making the stuff in the second book… But still, forest ALWAYS needs to be included…

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Sorry! I just wanna participate. :frowning:

@BLizzy, did you click the link?


Yeah, it’s fine, I accept any ideas. BUT NOT MEDIEVAL STUFF!!! :slight_smile:


What do you mean by

Maybe an item that gives you speed temporarily?

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Make the theme futuristic because of Panem.

Yeah, like an Item that gives you buffs when picked up.
(Maybe Fruit or Food?)


Maybe a banana? (I saw that in a hunger game map we played and rated)

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Yeah, like a button (invis) that is next to a prop, when you click it, you gain hp

No, more like a game overlay.

oh. ok. I’mma leave. I don’t know this stuff that well…