The GimSolvian guide to Oranges

There are multiple ways to make an orange. I’ll be showing you 3 options.

Option 1

This is the easiest one of all. You just grab a text and put the orange emoji in it.

Option 2

This is pretty simple. Grab a barrier, make it a circle, and make it orange. If you want to make it more detailed, you can add more tiny barriers and an alien plant.

Option 3

Get a bunch of metal signs and make them orange. Then put the alien plant.

Which one?


Which one is the best?
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Nice Guide!
Just saying, you don’t need to add “Name-Ian” (Wait, namian actually sounds good) to every guide you made, you only actually have to do it when there are other guides on the subject of the guide you are making

You can also use a Metal Pole tinted green and a Ceramic Plate tinted green as well.
(As tint I don’t mean using barriers, I mean the prop color)


Nice guide! But I would add mini-guide to the tags or maybe also add it in the title.

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I’ve never done it before and I wanted to try it.

9 votes and zero likes later… xD

lol its literally a hundred words and 20% of that is asking for a like, usually the guides that get likes are longer.
the barrier one is clever!

how long did it take you to make this guide?


@GimSolver Do Solvian, there are too many “gim” names

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Nice guide, @GimSolver !

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How long? IDK, time doesn’t exist, it is something humans invented and isn’t there. Time is just to help humans know when to do something that will or that has happened.

time is definitely not a social construct, but alright.
that’s like… part of the foundation of our grasp on reality



The 3rd one is like the banana.

#2 kinda looks like a bowling ball
but overall, great guide!
a nutritious orange :orange_heart: for u!

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ooooo naranjas….yummmy :tangerine: yum yum yum

Great, nutritious guide!

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Thanks! It’s the best (only) guide to Oranges, Tangerines, and Mandarines (why are there so many names?)

different cultures call them different things

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I speak Mandarin so I call them Mandarines!

okay, that’s fine with me. but, don’t get off-topic

BUMP for the delicious, healthy Fruit.

bruh I’m literally chinese

cool guide, but now i’m craving oranges

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