The Gimlordian Guide to Making a Trophy w/ Text Block Art

This is my guide on how to make an image of a gold trophy on a striking background with text block art. This guide is really easy, so I’m giving it a difficulty rating of 0/10. [1]

Also, this guide features by my new mascot, Gimmie. Try to find him. :wink: [2]

Step 1

Create an 11x6 grid of purple blocks (or any other color). To do this, use grid snap on 4.

Step 2

In the pattern shown in this image, change the text blocks to yellow (or any color other than the color you started with)!


You can use these emojis to make your trophy.
:red_square: :orange_square: :yellow_square: :green_square: :blue_square: :purple_square: :brown_square: :black_large_square: :white_large_square:

  1. When you add each block, make it unavailable on game start.
  2. Make it so that it can appear on channel TV.
  3. Put these text blocks over a TV.
  4. Add a vending machine that transmits on channel TV, so that you can turn on the TV and then show the blocks.

This makes it look like the TV turned on, creating a more unique effect.
Screenshot 2024-04-23 072718
GimStream Interview Thumbnail (1)

If there’s anything I can do to improve this guide, please tell me in a reply.

  1. Also, you can switch out any colors I used here for any combination you want. ↩︎

  2. He’s my version of the famous Tim. ↩︎


It’s Good, Maybe i’ll use this for my Gim-Drone in the Danger Zone game

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cool tutorial!

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Quick question, @Gimkit101 , Is it emojis in the text box, or is it multiple 1x1 barriers?

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It’s text block art.

so emojis?

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Thanks! Gimmie is my new mascot and I’m hoping he’ll become the new Tim. LOL :wink:


Like it! Gimmie added some humor in there, I like the idea!

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Got it, Do you mind if i send this guide to the others?

Who it's going to and why

This will be going to other developers in Fast Production, including @Commando , we could use it for QuantumShot Roulette as well

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Yeah, no problem. :smiley_cat: I couldn’t stop you anyways. LOL

I mean, it’s a guide so i see no problem with sharing so…
@Commando , GET OVER HERE NOW!


bruh thats crazy
you just made em spawn in


They Probably won’t come until 8:16 though


oddly specific but ok
back on topic

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If you want, @ruroreggie , look at his user card background, it’s something that you agree on

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Haha! That’s so freaking :000000 awesome.

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He’s obsessed with Countryballs so he just put that as his user card background

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What do you want!?
Oh it’s a guide…

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Uh-huh, this could help with our game

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