The gim wix I need help

how to get in to the wix after i answered the questions I waited a few weeks and it still days pending

Hey, just ask one of the mods like @Kat_aronii
But mark a solution as this is off topic

This is not about GKC, but I can tell you that some or most of the mods are not that active over the summer. (I think)

ok sorry my bad i solved it and will not post these again

i did not know it was off topic

It’s not related to GKC building/art so… :person_shrugging:

i understand which is why i am refraining from posting these kind of things

ight lemme let you in
give me a minute

thanks @RektRainbow.

alr check now
and if ur not in tell me ur user

kat’s off for the summer
(pretty sure)

oh ok

@RektRainbow checkmate king

ight ur in
ill see if ur trying to get in anything else and ill let u into those

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ok. thanks so muchh.

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