The giant lobby is empty so I need ideas

For my map, " Entered a dream: Space " But the lobby only has a few desks and chairs. Any ideas.

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Make the floor the space moving floor.

what do you want it to look like?

what kind of map is it? platformer or just regular? if platformer i would say add portal effects and if 2d just add moving space terrain and add random bits floating in space (maybe) an impasta >:3

I want to give it a fantasy look.

Can I get a screenshot?

any specific?
can try

Top-down ( regular )



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Not really something specific… just need it like… spaceship… yes spaceship thing

hmm. make some spaceship interior? Purple chairs? Idk?

I think that you can use like a space rover for fun


  • top down
  • spaceship
  • fantasy

this it?

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oh wait few things

  1. inside or outside spaceship?
  2. color scheme?

1: Inside.
2: Mostly grey, green, blue and, white.

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the only interactive device in the lobby is the teleporter so those would be a fun touch
another thing you can add is scattered terrain, this makes the map look random,
(great for a fantasy-based game)
considering it is a space ship you can have it so when the player goes close to a telescope of you lobby, they get teleported to little islands (sneak peeks of the game they are about to play)
for a fantasy game, in the lobby you should add clouds that people can go under
(this makes the people feel like the clouds are actually above them)
finally add instructions to the game, we don’t want the players figuring out how to play WHILE they are in the game, let them know how to play BEFORE the game so when they are IN the game they already KNOW and can focus on PLAYING!

that’s all I got…

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  1. I agree with what @chrysostom says about the telescope, that would be epic.
  2. Space moving terrain is a good idea, you can do barriers with collision on, borders on, white tint, transparency down REALLY low, to give the effect of windows, you could even make it look like the players are standing on glass.
  3. Instructions are key.
  4. Use more pastel colored props, to give that dreamy, fantasy vibe.
  5. It would take a lot of work, but you can animate lasers. Make a square with lasers around something mysterious like a floating Heavy Shard. Alternate them to switch on and off. Its really hard to explain but like have a Purple laser off, and a Pink laser on right above/over the Purple laser. When the Pink laser turns off, the purple laser can turn on, vice versa~ If you do this the square will look like it is rotating and moving, without it actually having to move. Like an illusion

step 5 would not be possible because it is in lobby

True and also not. When he said “lobby” I was thinking of an in-game lobby when the game starts you have a counter in there counting down a minute till the game actually starts. Once the counter reaches 0, all players get teleported to the real game that you play. Confusing? Maybe~

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no, I get what you are saying but if the lobby was actually IN the game then the players would have starting inventory, and if it includes weapons all h3ll breaks loose…