The floor is lava parkour infection game thumbnail

yeah really long game name.

Sorry. The community is currently enforcing the banning of thumbnail requests. Thumbnail requests are not allowed, as stated by the rules.

It’s controversial, so it’s best not to do it (to be safe). :sunglasses: Maybe try asking on a Padlet or the WIX. :owl:

is that a new rule or something?

Technically isn’t an actual rule, it’s what the community is enforcing. A lot of people think that thumbnail requests should be banned. Moderators hasn’t stated anything though, we’re waiting for a response.

I personally think that banning thumbnail requests are for the good of the community though. Anyway, mark a solution or this will be flagged.

could i get the link for a padlet? i can’t use the wix

Ask someone else, not me, haha. I have no clue what people are doing on Padlets.
Ask wolftech or foxy for permission

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