The Bigfootian Resurgence System

I was making a map when I had the idea to make this mechanic. It is based on the mechanic from Call Of Duty, but here is a simpler concept to understand. It in its simplest form is a timer. When the timer starts, for the duration of the timer you have infinite lives and can respawn as many times as you need. However, when the timer ends, you now have one life and can no longer respawn when you get knocked out. So, without further ado, here is the design for it.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Lifecycle
  • 1 Knockout Manager
  • 1 Counter
  • 1 Repeater
  • 1 Team Switcher
  • 1 Wire Repeater

First, go into the Knockout Manager and add these settings.

(It is important to make sure the Knockout Manager is not active when the game starts, otherwise the timer will not work.)
Now, go into the Counter and set the starting value to whatever number you want. This acts as the time the Resurgence Timer will be active. So you should have something that looks like this:

Now, to make the timer, go into the repeater, and set the time that it takes to repeat a task, to 1.0 seconds. (Side note: You do not have to set the Repeater’s stop strategy to anything, as we will have it stop via wire pulses.)

Finally, change the Team Switcher so that it switches the player to a specific team, the spectators.

Now we can begin on the wiring phase.


Once you have the timer built, the steps for wiring it are pretty straightforward.
Wire the Lifecycle to the Repeater like below:
Screenshot 2024-02-01 11.25.19 AM
Now wire the Repeater to the Counter so when the repeater runs the task, it decrements the counter.

Now wire the Counter to the Wire Repeater and then the Wire Repeater to the Repeater. This will make it so that when the Counter ends, the Wire Repeater repeats that pulse, and stops the Repeater.

Now wire the Knockout Manager to the Team Switcher so when the Target is Knocked out, it switches them to Spectators.

Now you should be done with the Bigfootian Resurgence Timer. This can be used in a variety of games, like Battle Royale, PvE (Player Versus Everyone), and Team Vs. Team.


What does it mean, " Bigfootian " ?

Basically I use that to tell people that I am the original creator of this guide. Plus it also sets this guide apart from different creators on here so people know which is which.

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