The Bigfootian E.M.P Device

The inspiration for this came to me after I played a game of Snowbrawl with my friend. I am not very good at Snowbrawl, and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool, if I could gain a button that allowed me to cast a localized EMP across the map?. And so, this idea was born. Now, without further ado, this is how to make an EMP.

===Materials Needed===

  • 1 Zone
  • 1 Trigger
  • 1 Game Overlay

Screenshot 2024-03-12 10.12.27 AM

First, click on the Zone, and go to Items. Once there, click on ‘Allow Gadget Fire’ and change it to No. Once that is done, go to ‘All Options’ and scroll down and change the active on game start setting. You now should have something that looks like this:

(I left out the channels intentionally, as they aren’t important until later. Be sure to add these as well.)
Now, we can move on to the Trigger. Click on the Trigger, and scroll down until you see visible in game. Change that to No, and change the trigger delay setting to whatever you want. (This determines how long the EMP will be active for until shutting off.)

Remember those channels I forgot to mention in step one? Well add those channels, and you should have something like so:

Now, we can get to the final component of the EMP, the Game Overlay. Click on it and add these settings:

(Whether the button is active when the game starts or not, that is up to you.)

Once that is done, we should have a fully functional EMP that you can use against your friends.


nice! that is really cool

what is a e.m.p? :neutral_face: sorry i am dum

Ok, so a EMP blast disables all electric devices. (at least that is what it is in the movies)

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Nice guide, @I_Am_Bigfoot!

nice guide! this look fun!

The acronym E.M.P Stands for
E: Electronic
M: Magnetic
P: Pulse

An E.M.P, (Electromagnetic Pulse) is a short burst of Electromagnetic energy that, when it comes into contact with an electronic device, it makes the device short-circuit and not work anymore.

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