The best way to make a sleef map

the best way to make a sleef map

What’s a sleet map?

like a shoot to try to make the opponent fall down and is out

Still confused. You mean people are shooting each other?

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If you want one shot then give everybody Legendary Quantum portal using an item granter.

For everyone who doesn’t know this is a pretty common game mode for shooter games but is new to Gimkit.

In spleef the whole floor is divided into glass tiles which break when shot. You and the other players are on one level and try to shoot each other down eventually past the lowest level into the lava.

This would be hard to do in gimkit because you could only shoot the closest tile.


Do you mean “spleef”?


Yup. I blanked, hopefully he means spleef too.

ya I do this is just extra

Are you refering to spleef? Because that might not be possible, since gravity doesn’t exist yet.

They’re refering to spleef.

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yes I do this is just extra

For extra characters put it between < > to make it invisible.

what this is just extra

They’re talking about if you surround text in <> that text becomes invisible. It’s the common way for people to get around the ‘‘minimal char. limit’’

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So you are trying to make SPLEEF?

Yes he is talking about makin’ spleef

@redowl044 just wait for the new one way down engine.

You can prob make it where theres only one level and if it gets shot enough it turns into lava. That would be hard though

What do you mean by new engine?
just wondering