The Beginning of Phoenix [Not on-topic]

Flames envelop us
But we will rise from the ash
of a fallen world

Yz xzcp tyepccfaetzyd. Aczupne Aszpyti delced YZH.

Okay, this got flagged for being off topic. I’m trying to add lore to my games, like a mini ARG, and there’s no ARG category, so I wasn’t sure where to put it. You can flag this again and I won’t post about it again, or don’t and I’ll keep posting. Your choice, no pressure.

If you want lore ideas, then change the category to Help and the tags to ideas and make it clear that you want advice on lore.

I don’t want ideas, I’m posting actual lore.

i’m confused, why is this marked in the ‘bugs’ section?

@speedy_kd4 Because there’s no ARG category

Well, then you can’t do that. Put it in your profile info.

[and also mark a solution to close this post.]

thats not what the forums are for, post lore on the wix instead.

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Okay, I will. Just thought it would be cool, and I saw nothing in the community guidelines about not being able to do this.

Ok, got it. Taking down now.

you’re all good, just don’t do it again.

For future reference, the FAQ says, ‘Only Gimkit Creative related discussion’, and this does not fall into that category.

Showcasing what you have done is also not allowed, only showing others how to do it.

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