TFG remake idea list

Hey! I need some help with creating my map and I’m counting on you to give me ideas! My map is sort of like a TFG remake but with my own twist! I’m not sure what I should do or ask someone to make for me because i have a bad imagination. Hope you can help.

edit: this is mainly asking for help on the theme or actual map to play on.
I named the teams to divide them up. One is name the Sketch team while the other is the Blueprint team.

(TFG stands for Team Fortress Gimkit!)

you should probably include what TFG stands for

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Just think of all the terrains!

Sand = Beach
Lab Floor = Lab
Dry Grass = Autumn Outside
Castle Tiles = Medieval Castle
Snow = Snowy Wonderland

Also Try @JoeTheChicken’s Guide:

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what do you think would make sense for blueprint and sketch?

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I would say snowy because it kind of goes along with the color of sketch. But it doesn’t need to be just snow, it could be snowy grass too. Also making 3D terrain helps improve the map!

alright thanks!
could i show you my map?

its on the wix

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Oh wow! I didn’t see this! Sure!

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@Jobozo1875 sorry, i was offline im if you are on still let me know

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team fortress gimkit, a rather popular gkc game
it’s played quite a bit on the wix and discord

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What creation is it going to be?

what do you mean by that?

Like what are you going to make? Whats your creation?

thats what im making

ooh, can I help you?

I know I mean’t for those who don’t know

Alright, first what ideas do you have in mind?
If you are on the wix just @ me with @gimguy and I’ll give you the code.

A battle royal game?

I don’t have wix but i’LL get it soon can you just tell me the code from here?

I have a WIX account

Ok I’ll press on the link this might take a while though so just wait.