Texture packs in Gimkit

Is it possible to make a custom texture pack in gimkit


well you can but thats on the user

or you can just use a bunch of props to make a custom texture

actually yes, someone (I can’t remember who) made a texture pack for gimkit you use it by inserting it with inspect. It worked for the person using it but only works for some skins and weapons.


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yeah that’s entirely client side

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Cassius made one - it’s the pen texture pack.


I saw that but i never could find it

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i was talking about fluffy and fersion


you can make a clientside texture pack by overriding all image files in the game with inspect element and replacing them with other images

like so:

i used this video to learn how to edit gims, and then took it to an extreme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwml_7oB1qk
i don’t know why it says it’s broken. just look for gim files that have 2.22 and not whatever number is in the video.

gimkit has quite a lot of files, so if you do attempt to make a texture pack, make sure you have a lot of time, an efficient process, and a good image editing app.


do you have a problem with that?
Slim is just complimenting Fersion, there’s no reason to call us out.


I just think its kinda funny

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Just making sure.

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