Text Entry System Help

I was making the text entry system for a random check and i didn’t seem to understand the blocks and devices for the psuedo-code:

Can someone who made this or understands this help?

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Can’t you just use a keyboard guide (no offense)?
And anyways, Shdwy hasn’t been active/online since May 28th.

no technically not cause i want the memory efficient one

oh then I don’t know…

I think (keyword THINK) it is just saying that you should make the property different depending on whether shift has been pressed or not. In this example, when shift is pressed it adds 100 to whatever the property is. So “c” is equal to 3, but if 100 is added (aka shift is pressed) make it “C” or 103. I hope this helps!

Thank you for helping, but I want to know how to get each of the letters like there is a limit of blocks

What do you mean?
For more direct code, here’s what you need to do: (and keep in mind I haven’t looked at this for months, so I’m trying to piece it together myself)
Each number is linked to a letter (you’ll likely need a whole block segment just for processing those)
so if you input the number 3, it should set a variable to the letter c, which can then be added on to the system previously used.

That wasn’t the most clear explanation, to be fair. Can you be more specific about what you need help with?



oh hi lol sorry
I meant you hadn’t posted since then

no need to apologize lol it was just funny

  1. What device
  2. This this is what i have, is it correct?
  3. What is the code, this is what I have so far:


    blocks run out if i add 3 more blocks

    What should i do?

If i figure this out, I know how to display the text.

Ok, I don’t have the time to parse all of that right now, but I can answer your general questions.

  1. literally anything with block code, does not matter.
  2. when you press the first key, the counter should update, send two signals, and on the second signal you append your letter to the Chat Message property
  3. idk but the idea is that you need to sort through and check each number, so if the number is 5 you output ‘e’ or whatever.

Does that answer your question?


Do I need to have a trigger for each of the keys?
Thanks for explaining everything else!

You shouldn’t, that would be way too much memory.

Then how should I do it? The blocks run out way before halfway through all the characters. Should I maybe separate the codes into 2 triggers and a text?

Note. Shdwy’s system for doing this is different from mine. Don’t copy any of this but just let the information influence how you approach your problem.

In my system i used a text block and had it have a string of the alphabet. Then i used the text operation block get letter # and put in the “letterreciever” property. However you will have to include additional logic for caps lock.


I would just add 100 to letterreciever for caps, but I need to know how to process all the blocks:

Because the block limit is reached around the letter f without anything else in it.

For the out put of the keys I put a button → reset a counter. The counter updates the “letterreciever” and has a starting value and a target value of its place in the alphabet (or keycode if you want that kinda thing). i Made the target value broadcast on a channel to run the specific trigger that holds previous block code

Yes, but can i see the block code to see if i did anything wrong?
It wouldn’t let me add more blocks

For proccessing? Its attached two posts back but here:

This should give you the currently selected letter

Just use create text with to add it onto the full message

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