Terrain On Different Layers at Once

Screenshot 2023-12-23 2.10.17 PM
Do the ice and water seem a tad peculiar? It isn’t a deadly glitch, but it is annoying. I have refreshed. Persists in playing mode. Water on layer 2, Ice on Layer 3. I don’t know the cause, I’m just pointing it out. Just erase them to fix


this could allow for some more interesting map decorating
maybe we could even make some cool illusions and/or 3d stuff with it

so… the terrain on layer 3 has a part of it layered below layer 2? ig it’s a graphical glitch

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Are either of them wall tiles?

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Yes, the water supposed to be under the ice is a floor tile, the rest are wall tiles.

walls are always layered above floor tiles (if there’s an error don’t blame me because my brain is fried like fried rice and deep-fried like kfc)

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it seems as if water is layered 3 and ice is layer 2…
and the bottom left ice tile is layer 4…

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Yep! That was the solution, walls are above floors.

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