Terrain Art for Anyone

Thanks i deleted my gobble artwork on accident


@Gimkitsuggestor please ask before you add things to the wiki
I can and will remove what you add if you do not ask first


nice; you want to add it?

tip you can use:
control, shift, refresh
to tilt your screen so you can get the full thing in one picture

why not?

feel free to add it yourself

Wait I have to ask? huh I have never had to do that

May I edit?


sure you can
btw nice charmander

yes you do, while this is a wiki I don’t want everyone to just add whatever you want

Wel I am used to wikis that let you add them without consent following obvious rules of being appropriate

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Every wiki is diffrent.

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Well I learned something new ey?

We learn something new everyday

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Adding puffer (also rusty dark concrete isnt a terrain thing)

well it was made by @Rusty so may be directing at him?

@Quimblo please undo your vote you are no longer editing

I meant Dark Marble (My bad, and thanks for letting me know)

forgot to credit myself brb

Can I add 3d terrain art to this @Foxy?