Teleporting/checkpoint gone wrong in DLD GKC discovery *probably only in dropper games

for some reason when I use checkpoints I for some reason got stuck in the floor I was playing with someone and my friend got stuck
Screenshot 2024-04-19 9.55.54 AM
and second with teleporting couldn’t take a pic it was hard I went through the floor like I got sent to the backrooms and fell even tho I was suppose to be on the floor.

and yes if u get stuck in the checkpoint you stuck unless a miracle happens and double jump saves u or u teleport somehow.

teleporting won’t get u stuck but will have a chance to noclip you

I was playing a dropper game when this happened if anyone wanna see for their self.

edit: I lied and forgot to say I think checkpoint can do the same as a teleporter because I think I no cilp into the lasers but there was no checkpoint when I checked it on the laser.

It’s how the hitboxes line up. When the teleporter is right on top of the ground, the hitboxes clip into each other. Just place the teleporter higher up off the ground.


the checkpoint get you stuck into the floor only the teleporter can noclip u

this ain’t my map btw

okay I saw that did worked before tho. But what about checkpoints?

Just put it higher up, I assume.

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I don’t have platformer but I am going to guess the person who made the map prob didn’t put the teleporter high enough, because of gravity, when you are teleported you fall a little, and when the teleporter is too close to the terrain, you fall into the terrain…

okay because I forgot to say that

I don’t own the map so how would I avoid or fix this in future maps in DLD GKC discovery tho?

Place things that teleport you higher up above the ground.

I don’t own the map nor the ticket I wondering how would I fix this or get myself outta the situations if it happens to me.

edit: or how would I get myself outta the noclip situation and get unstuck from the floor? and if I ran out of a double jump what do I do?

Ah, if you can’t jump out, then you’re kinda just stuck…

I heard about something similar happening to sentries, so I assume that you just need to place them higher up. If this is wrong don’t blame me I don’t have the season ticket.