Teleporting, and Channels

I made a system were you press a button to start a game, which sends a signal to 2 different counter (For two different teams). They each spawn in a different room with zones that are attached to channels that are supposed to teleport the players once the counter hits 0. It worked for one team at first, but then stop working for both when I tried to fix it. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciative. (The counters go down with one repeater)

can you show me some pictures?

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May I see your wiring?

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Ok I will put some pictures.


If it uses team switchers you respawn once you switch teams (NVM idk why I said that without reading the post)

Is your counter wired to a teleporter and what’s the stop strategy of your repeater?

Are BOTH of your counters scope team?
You can make the stop strategy after receiving on a channel but not actually put one in so it tricks the game into running it infinitely.

Does your repeater decrement your counter?
Is your wiring like this?

Does your counter have a starting value?
Is your wiring like this?
(Ah, so many questions!)

Button Pressed > Start Repeater

Repeater Runs Task > Decrement Counter

Target Value Reached > Teleport Player Here?


Since I am a new user it won’t let me put pictures yet.

I tried that and only teleported the team that pressed the button.

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Make two buttons for each team.

I tried that and now only team 2 will teleport (This is so confusing)

I won’t be able to work on this until tommorow, so I will come back and try some more.

Make another counter and make it have a target of two and a scope of global.
Connect both buttons to it to increment it and connect the counter to start the repeater.

Button Pressed > Increment Counter

(Do this two times)

Target Value Reached > Start Repeater

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Welcome! Can you describe what you want to do with this system?

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good news i got it to work by changing it slightly!

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