Teleporter I need help

So I still making a battle royal game and I have it so you have to wait for a second person to enter a group and they get teleported to a place where you choose where to land but it only teleports 1 person. I want the entire group of people to teleport to the place where you choose to land


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You’re referring to Fortnite and their jump leaders, right? What you’re going to have to do is have a coordinate zone system track where the player lands.

That may be the only way.

What, why do I need a coordinate grid I’m making it in the lobby they enter a place and they wait for another player but I want both of them to teleport to the battle bus

Wait, so you just want everyone to teleport to the battle bus? Or just the group?

I thought you were talking about the drop.

The people in the area

Like, the people in a specific zone?

yes the people in the specific zone

You could have a zone wired to a trigger that records the player’s name, and then uses that to teleport them. Further explanation?

I think there’s an easier way, though.

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Yeah there most likely is… I have watched the post from the beginning and Really wish You knew how easy it is but I cant quite remember how though

Thanks guys for the suggestions I figured it out using this guide How to make a Button that will Teleport Everyone [2/10 or green_square ]

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