Teleportation movement after respawn

Is there/how do you move a player who just died from the respawn to a teleporter?

Any answers will be appreciated!

Maybe you can activate a zone that teleports, but when a player is knocked out, then immediately deactivate the zone

Stick a laser over the respawn point maybe? And have it activate 3 seconds after the game starts to players don’t get instateleported. So when they spawn into the tripwire laser, they teleport to the teleporter. Or use a lifecycle detecting knockouts to relay a message to a wire repeater with a delay of 2 seconds, which will then teleport them to the teleporter.


Lemmy test this.

Alright, why does

this setup not work?

What does it do?
And what doesn’t work?

Its supposed to teleport the player to a certian teleporter through broadcasting on a channel described by a property. It doesn’t do anything though.

That is because the spawn pad trumps any other device. You will have to land on the spawn pad first before activating the device or channel.

make sure there is a little delay in the wire repeater

Who’s Lemmy?

Okay, @here, I found a bigger problem.

If I try to use a trigger’s block code (or any other block code) to transmit on channel 2, then have a teleporter be teleported to on channel 2, it doesn’t work.

I think it was short for let me.

Yeah, I know. It was a joke.

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I wish it was...

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Does anyone have a workaround for this? I think I have one that uses checkers, but does anyone else have anything?

I might have one. Gimme a sec…

Are you able to get back to the spawn area after?

Prototype I: Probably the simplest

That’s really smart actually. I’ll test it some indeterminate time in the future when I’m on GKC again.