Teleportation Issues

This may not be a bug, but I want the player to press a button and they get teleported randomly. I wired the button to both teleporters, but when I test the game, I only teleport to one teleporter and mostly never to the other. I want it to be like random but not to be landing on the same place multiple times. Anyone have any ideas?

This is called AUO, or advanced update order. You will teleport to the teleporter where you molaces the wire last.

Someone posted a fishing randomization, maybe you can build off of that? the question was: how do you fish in gimkit creative? (i think)

Oh @getrithekd . So is there a way to make the teleporter random? I just want the teleporters to be random.

Use teleporter groups, which randomizes it.

Let me check it out. I don’t exactly know about the teleporter groups.

@getrithekd , do I make the groups the same name or different and do I delete the wires?

You put the teleporters that the players teleport to in the same group, and the teleporter with the wire have a target group be the other group. You’ll also have to change the wire setting to teleport to target.

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Okay, I will try it out. Sorry, I was reading for a while since I couldn’t quite understand it for a while.

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No problem!

Okay, well the thing is now when the button is pressed, nothing happens.

Can you take screenshots of you settings?

Which settings of which? Sorry, I’m just confused.

@getrithekd , Okay, so what’s happening is:


Wiring from the button to the teleporter: Button Pressed -----> Teleport Player to Target. I did the same thing but to the other teleporter: Button Pressed --------> Teleport Player to Target


When you press on the teleporters, there will be something that shows up first thing which is GROUP and I typed in “tele”. For the other set of teleporters, I also typed in “tele” in GROUPS.

Please read through and tell me without rush what could be happening.

this will be incredibly complicated. but it works. Have a property that is a number and is set to zero, now have a unavoidable zone near the button. when the player enter the zone do a channel like dream select. then go into a trigger and set it up, when received on dream select, trigger. then code the trigger to get a number corresponding to the dreams, then set the number generated to the dream property. once done label each dream with code using more triggers, such as when button pressed–> trigger, the trigger will send a code block signal to get the number of the dream property, then depending on it, will send a different signal to different teleporters, now its complete! (sorry for repetition if any) NOTE: you will have no control over what dream if you do this.

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There’s a setting called target group. You need to put it in that for the singular teleporter.

@getrithekd Do I put the Target Group for all the teleporters (technically there’s only 2)?

one last thing, make it to when you exit the dream the property resets to zero

So you have one teleporter that is wired from the button. That teleporter will not have anyone there. You need 2 teleporters at you lr spot, with group being “tele”. The one teleporter should have a TARGET GROUP of “tele”.

Okay, I will try that out and see if it works.

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