Technology of a wolf needed

Can someone make a wolf.

i’ll try!

Huh, I tried but it just doesn’t work :thinking:

Yes. 90% memory


that actually looks good

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You can use pink barriers for the ears, though

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TOOAATaly 90 %


What do you mean? Not good? or 90% is definitely a big thing?

you’re actually going to make :grinning: art

memory usage is not 90% from that.

I think it’s from her bedwars map…

who actually knows. Probably

Yeah, it is. I was making the Armor, so the 90% is from the actual map

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This is sorta off-topic, sorry for being a wuss.
Anyways, mark a solution when you find one!

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You can rotate zones…


I presume this was created before the implementation of rotatable zones, as that update was only released yesterday.


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