Team Zone Activation Help (TZAH)

How do I make it so only the team that has control over the base, can enter and leave through activating and deactivating a laser, when the opponent can’t open deactivate it.

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1: Do you want both of the teams to be able to “claim” the zone/area or only one team to have control of the zone/area by default?

If so, (for the first part of the sentence above) you can connect the zone to a trigger and use blocks (if triggering player’s team number = #
do Broadcast Message On Channel “something”

else if triggering player’s team number = #
do Broadcast Message On Channel “something”)

2: How do you want the lasers to be activated/deactivated?

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Zone (Player Enters) ---------> Laser (Deactivate)
and vice versa, but only for 1 team, and yes, by default.

So you want two zones for both teams?

if so you can just make the zones on each team’s base that trigger a trigger


if Triggering Player’s Team Number = #
do Broadcast Message On Channel “activatelaser”

do this for both sides

if you’re using buttons that only the players on the team that has the zone by default replace the “activatelaser” channel to activate a team-scoped button

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Could you explain in a different way? I’m very confused.

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can’t you just make the laser deactive for the team you want to be able to enter and leave?

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if that doesn’t work put down a zone, a wire repeater, and the laser
make the wire repeater block the signal if it’s not from the team you want


Ok, I’ll test it when I have time.


That’s a relay, not a wire repeater.

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I am talking about a wire repeater

  1. it uses less memory
  2. it can make sure that only one team can use it
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I’m pretty sure that zone activation is only global, but you can fix that with all outputs from the zone corresponding to a trigger that is activated and deactivated. The only thing that it doesn’t fix is gadget firing.

But you can’t control if it gets inputted. There’s no logic gates possible with wire repeaters. You can’t control them ingame.

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