Team switching help for a "would you rather" type map

I’m making a would you rather map where the two sides fight, but I can’t make it so you can change teams, any idea how I could do that?

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Start by placing an overlay and setting it to a button.

Then place a popup, wire the overlay to the popup, and set up two calls to action for what team you want to switch to.

Then wire the popup to a team switcher. Select (call to action 1 pressed) and (switch team). Make sure you put the team you want the player to switch to in the team switcher.

Do that again, but with the other call to action button and another team switcher.


team switcher

How does the game work? Can you elaborate?

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thanks i think i can make that work

Alright, I edited it to make a system that actually works. Sorry about the mispost haha. Just reply if you have any more questions about what I described here!

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