Team only press button once

I am making an among us voting system, and I need it so when a certain team presses a button, it disables for THAT TEAM ONLY. Then if another team presses it, then it disables for them too. You get the idea, if you have any questions ask away!

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Use a barrier that is triggered when a team presses, and that has a scope of team. Make sure to mark a solution!


Set the button scope to team, and then link a wire repeater so when a player presses it, it will deactivate the button.


My way to do this would be to deactivate the button on the same channel as it sends the signal and set the scope to team.

@WhereIsMyHat and @WhoAmI both have good solutions, but mine doesn’t require any other devices (plus people can still move if a barrier is activated on top of them).

(@Landobryce just so you know)


No i think they meant the barrier on the button not the player

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