Team notification of enemy invasion

So, im making a game, and there are 4 teams with 4 bases, I wanted to make that if a member from all of the other 3 teams invade that base, the team that is getting invaded gets notification that the enemy team is invading.

Zone (You can change its size so it goes around the base, (Try to make it team scoped, IDK if you can do that) at the entrance send notification when player steps on zone. IF you can’t make it team scoped then make it wire pulse block, send [player’s name] [is invading].
(So the team know is someone is actually invading of if it is just somebody on their team.)

Ye you can use the zone or something. :person_shrugging:

but i need that only the team that is getting invaded get a notifcation

Make notification team based (IDk if you can do that)
Let me check

Using a zone in a certain area. ( Like for each team, and the notification )

Instead of using zones, use triggers because you can make them team based
SO for team 1’s base make a trigger that triggers when team 2 steps on it
Wire that to a notification

then what about if team 3 steps on it.

Layer a second trigger on top, that has team 3. (I know this is memory draining , but I can’t think of a different way)

oh okay let me try if this works.

deactivate the trigger for the home team using relays

but i see a problem, the notifcation cant be sent to a team of my choice, has to be some type of related to the triggering player’s team

you can use a relay set to specific team

Make the wire : when triggered - send WIre pulse

Then on the notification you can use blocks to code what you want to be sent.

so this works kinda, so right now the trigger is set to if team 2 triggers it, but it isn’t showing the notification to team 1 (it has to show to team 1 that ____ is invading their base), it only shows it to team 2 .

It is because the notification is sending to triggering player’s team make it like this:

Right now this is the only solution

you use relays set to specific team

I would advise against that as it is very much possible with relays

how would i connect the relays

after you step on a trigger or zone have it broadcast to the relay and then have the relay broadcast to the notification