Team not able to destroy prop

so is there a way where i can make a prop not able to be destroyed by a specific team?

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place 2 of the prop and have one that you can damage then activate and deactivate the ones you want

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What kind of prop and did you miss up on the prop settings?

its the space bed prop @Warrior_Of_Death16

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wdym by “miss” the prop

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what’s the game about

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they meant mess up, i’m pretty sure.

i dont see anything in the settings of the prop about if this belongs to a certain team.

does anyone know? or is this not possible.

Yes actually use a barrier directly over it (invisible) and use a relay to make it only affect one team so one team can destroy it and one can’t.

so i tried this and had a relay with the target audience of team 1 (the team that cant break it) and then made the barriers invisible (I left the border on it so I can see if it is working), and the barrier is not active on start and the relay is wired to the barrier to activate it, but seems like the barrier is not being activated @ThatGim

Have the barrier active on game start.

so i just tested it, when i put it active on game start, it is active for all teams not just for team 1. @ThatGim

@ThatGim so now its working a little, I added a trigger where team 1 spawns, and it does trigger the relay which triggers the barrier, and team 1 cant walk in, but they can still fire on the prop and it still breaks.

Would this work?
Barrier settings:
Active on game start–no

Then get a lifecycle and a relay
Don’t change lifecycle
Relay: set it to random person on specific team and make it the team the team that CAN’T damage the prop

Connect the lifecycle to the relay with a wire (Lifecycle event occurs–trigger relay)
Connect the relay to the barrier (relay triggered–activate barrier)
And now on game start the barrier activates for only a certain team and that team cannot hit the prop.

If you use my coding, try to use multiple barriers to specifically cover the area of the prop and not the area around it.

Oh yea I forgot the lifecycle that might be why my way wasn’t working.

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The lifecycle is easily forgotten sometimes

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Yea as important as it is it can be easily overlooked.

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I 100.4% agree.


so this works kinda let me explain, so the players cant walk to the prop bc of the barrier blocking it, but when I fire at it with a weapon, the prop can still get knocked out