Team checker in knockout game

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I am pretty new to gimkit creative, and am trying to make a loadout game. Essentially, I am trying to make it so that if you pick one of the loadouts, you, and only you, will be teleported into a little room, and you will be released with your team to kill the enemies. The issue is when you press a button, you get the loadout and 1 bait, and there is a checker that checks if you have a bait, and there is a relay that TPs you to a location depending on your team. The issue is that whenever you press a button, you get a bait and EVERYONE on your team is TPd, even if they haven’t picked their loadout. Could you please help? Also just so you know, I have no knowledge of coding blocks in the slightest.
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Have you tried relays?

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are you using any relays?
also welcome!

their are relays, but their is not an option for specific player on specific team

Well…there is an option for random player on specific team. Maybe try switching their team to an unused team then switching them back?

I’ll try that. Thank you!

but actually, the two teams are in the same location, so I wouldn’t be able to change which teleporter they are put to

I suppose I could just make two different spawn areas where the teams choose their loadouts

without a relay it defaults to triggering player just remove all of them

but then I coudn’t choose which teleporter they are put in

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