Team based barriers

Im trying to make a TF2 gimkit map that is a mock-up of 2fort. Its well made except for the fact I cant figure out how to make barriers to keep other players from getting into the other’s spawn. Can anyone help?

If you’re looking for simplicity, use a flag that only the team you want to be able to get through to enter

Well, I cant because the Map 2fort is a CTF map and I already have flags active, It won’t work I’ve already tried.

Place a barrier on the players’ spawn. Set the scope to team. Make the barrier unactivated when the game starts. Connect a lifecycle to a relay set to all players on a specific team. Set Team to any team you would like, then connect it to that team’s barrier to deactivate it. Rinse and repeat by connecting the lifecycle to more relays and the relays to more barriers.


I like how you replied 3 months later :rofl: