Team amount settings

I want to make it so that players start at the same team but then choose their teams. There are going to be 9 teams. 8 teams for the actual game and 1 team to pick teams. I want to make it so there are no more than 9 teams but I don’t want them split evenly because I want them chosen. Help is appreciated!

I would recommend using 8 button → team switcher systems, where each team switcher sends to a different team. Every other team’s spawn pad should be in a different room.

ohh @ClicClac u changed ur pfp!
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It’s only until about April 1st. Thanks anyway though!

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I thought of that but then how do I get them to start at team 9?

why till that date??

Just switch teams one and nine for the proposes of your game!

It’s an April fools prank that I started really early.


ok… how would I get the players to all start on team 1 if I want there to only be 9 teams. I don’t think that would work with the team settings

Make the game co-op to start!

is there a way to make it switch to specific team amount/ffa

Look back at my original post. You have to do that manually after the game started.

I’ll try it! I see what you’re going at here

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Thank you! If you don’t mind, I’ll be going to bed now. It’s 11:30 in my time zone.

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