Teach me to make a Gimkit Creative Thumbnail with Gims

I am struggling to do this, so someone please help.

uhh there are a few guide gimme a sec to link them

Look at this guide


i will edit

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Thx for the help guys

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also if you need a thumbnail just ask nothing wrong with that

I like making my own


:slight_smile: okay have fun making it hope you do well!

i like making my own to but keep failing misrably so i quit

Wait where do you go to make a thumbnail?

Don’t back down think positive when making the thumbnails. Keep on trying until you mastered making thumbnails.

Look at the guides above
If you don;t wanna read them the apps are:
Google Slides

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I use paint 3d(dying inside)

and photopea aka free photoshop

@mikey i can make 1 4 u just create a new topic and ping me

no need i got a topic hold on

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Settle down, I’m reading other topics

here it is

Here’s what I made

What do you think?

uhh in my experience i like to use only gimkit elements

uhh for a first time, its great. maybe change the color of the text so it doesn’t blend in with the bank as much