Target is reached when receiving on channel

The option in the counter that no one uses. What does it do? What can we use it for? My personal guess is that it instantly sets the counter to its target, regardless of the size of the target.

Sorry I honestly have no idea, i tend to stay away from devices and stick to designing, hints why i’m good at it.

That’s what I thought too. I was like “Cool! I can use this!” and then it never worked >:(.


I still don’t know what “Max concurrent tasks” means for the repeater.

It’s fine, I’m just procrastinating on gimkit kart 8 trying to find curiosities in Gimkit. We all have to do stuff.

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Actually, I think I know. You know how if you trigger a repeating trigger twice, it does the loop, but twice as fast (or fast-squared)? I think that option for the repeater makes it so that you can only start the repeater once and not make double-repeating.

Gimkart 8!? why have i not heard of this?

Back on topic- can anyone test if the max concurrent tasks thing actually works or if I’m saying random stuff?

I usually work solo on my projects. I might have a big reveal & competition on wix when I finish, though.

Same I VERY rarly do collabs, I did one once and thats it. my maps just take for ever because I like the designe to look perfectly realistic.

I’ll test it tomorrow, along with the original question and the rest of row two of the relay-relay table.


Can we get a tripling of the amount of speed modifiers?

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Nevermind, he’s too busy playing Team Fortress Gimkit to answer any questions >:(.

Who made that? Are they taking game requests?

Whats that?


put 3 back slashes and it works normal

Thanks I was wondering why he lost an arm but had a hand.