Tagging ; having problems working tag

how do you tag? how do you make it so if you tag someone they are eliminated and wait until game is over?

How to tag part, use a tag zone!

If someone is tag they are eliminated? Basically, make it in the tag zone settings, if a player is tagged, sent them to spectator! Make sure the tag zone is global and for the team yo u want!

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i did that but whenever i go into game it doesnt work it like makes me walk under or over player im trying to eliminate

Are you sure you have 2 teams then?

A tag zone first of all and wire or broadcast to a team switcher that sets the TAGGED PLAYER to spectator mode. I have made the mistake of setting it to tagging player WAY to many times. Also if you want the game to end after their all tagged I would make a counter and when they spawn in they go into a zone which makes the counter go up per time’s entering zone, also the zone deactivates after like 0.1 seconds from a trigger. Then have a game end and when the target number of the counter (which is 0) is reached it ends the game.

Oh, yeah going off what THEHACKER120 said, you will need to go into map options and set it to how many teams you want.

i did i have 2 teams i want 1 player (team 2) to be able to tag

bc i have one player imposter and the rest crewmate